Ichiban Kuji FAQ

Introduction to Ichiban Kuji (一番くじ) & Double Chance Campaign
▪ What is Ichiban Kuji?
Ichiban Kuji is Japanese for number one lottery. This also comes with a guaranteed prize that is tagged to every single ticket inside the whole Ichiban Kuji set.
▪ What are the prizes for Ichiban Kuji?
Prizes are usually labelled A – Z depending on the variety of prizes. Each category will consist of different prizes that can range from Figurines, Plushies, Artboards, Towels, Cups & Plates, etc. The prizes are exclusive to the Ichiban Kuji set and are not sold separately in stores. You will need to purchase a ticket in order to exchange for the prize.
▪ What is the LAST PRIZE?
There is ONLY ONE 'LAST PRIZE' prize in each Ichiban Kuji Set making that prize UNIQUE and the only way to get the 'LAST PRIZE' is to be the person to buy the last remaining ticket(s) on the Ichiban Kuji Set. Aside from the regular prizes you will get from the ticket, this ‘LAST PRIZE’ will be in addition to the other prizes won.
▪ What is the Double Chance Campaign?
The Double Chance Campaign is a lucky draw that allows you to have a second try at getting an exclusive prize without additional cost.
▪ How do I participate in the Double Chance Campaign?
You will need to purchase Ichiban Kuji tickets from official retailers. The stubs with the prize letter on them must be returned to the retailer, keep the stub with the code on them in order to participate in the Double Chance Campaign. You may refer to the images in this post on the step by step guide to participate in this Campaign.
Note: ticket stubs with QR codes on them will not be eligible for the double chance campaign in this region.
▪ How do I collect the prize won in the Double Chance Campaign?
You will be contacted via SMS within 30 days once the Campaign is over. The prize will be delivered to you (within Singapore only) at no cost. Prizes will be delivered to you within 3 months.

NOTE: This double Chance (if applicable) campaign is only available on local sets sold by authorized retailers for residents of Singapore. 

There will be no reservation, cancellation, refund or exchange for all Kuji purchase (even before ticket/s are opened). All ticket/s have to be opened during Live and/or in store.