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One Piece - Film Red [FULL SET]

Product Features:

Full set of 80 prizes with Last Prize inclusive of tickets and promotional posters.

Double Chance (if applicable) is only for residents of Singapore only.

  • A Prize – Monkey D. Luffy Figure [Qty: 1]
  • B Prize – Ussop Figure  [Qty: 1]
  • C Prize – Sanji Figure [Qty: 1]
  • D Prize – Nami Figure [Qty: 1]
  • E Prize – Jinbe Figure [Qty: 1]
  • F Prize – Shanks Figure [Qty: 1]
  • G Prize – Uta Shanks [Qty: 2]
  • H Prize – Mug [Qty: 20]
  • I Prize – Folder Set [Qty: 22]
  • J Prize – Rubber Charms [Qty: 30]
  • Last Prize – Shanks (Metallic Color Ver) 
  • Double Chance Campaign: Shanks (Metallic Color Ver) 

***Please contact us for the purchase of more than 1 set of the same title. There will be no Cancellation, Refund, or Exchange for all Kuji purchases ***

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